Friday 13 June 2014

Lucky Elephant - The British Working Man (Video)

Are you a regular reader of Breaking More Waves? If you are here’s a test for you.

What album was our ninth favourite of 2009? What you can’t remember? It was Starsign Trampolene by Lucky Elephant. Still none the wiser? If you don't know the band or their music then the chances are that the one time you may have heard a Lucky Elephant tune is on this Danio yoghurt advert (also featuring comedy TV chap Harry Hill).

Now finally Lucky Elephant are back with their second (no, no, not sophomore as it says on the Lucky Elephant You Tube description, we’re in the UK and the word second is perfectly adequate thank you) album The Rainy Kingdom and from it comes The British Working Man which has all the quirky nostalgic charm of tracks like the self-titled tune Lucky Elephant and the summery grooves of Reverend Tisley and his Magic Lantern that brought us to the band in the first place.

In an odd way The British Working Man reminds us of the work of Public Service Broadcasting with its old fashioned vocal samples, even although musically it's very different. Like Reverend Tisley and his Magic Lantern the tune has a rather cute animated video that similar to the band’s music is a welcome alternative to the big budget butt shaking gloss pop pieces we’re so used to consuming these days. It’s this sense of being totally out of place and without a care in the world for fashion that makes everything about Lucky Elephant just that bit special.

Lucky Elephant - The British Working Man (Video)

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