Tuesday 9 June 2020

Pocket Sun - I Lost Track

When you put the words pop music and exercise together what do you think of? Kraftwerk’s Tour De France? The re-recorded version of Everybody Wants To Rule The World called Everybody Wants To Run The World? Fitness by Lizzo? Or do you, like me, think of Olivia Newton John’s classic Physical video with those tiny briefs, muscles, tans and a fat man winning the day? (Sorry Dua Lipa, your song Physical is good as well, but Olivia wins on a technicality because of the video).

Whatever you think of, here’s a new one to add to your list. I’ve written about the rather gorgeous synthwave sounds of Pocket Sun before and here they are with a dreamy piece of pop loveliness; it’s the sort of song that will surely morph even the most hardened rock fan into a marshmallow mush of romanticism.

I Lost Track is a Covid-19 lockdown tune of separation but also hope: “Missing your hello, missing your goodbye, things won't change, unless we wait it out alone. But some day it will end.” 

“But what about the exercise?” I hear you shout. That comes in the video which finds Gina from the band breaking out into her own quarantine aerobic routine – watch out Joe Wicks. Whilst there might not be any body builders accompanying her here, there is at least a naked blow up man, which given social distancing rules is probably a fairly decent effort. You can get the tune on Bandcamp by clicking here.

Pocket Sun - I Lost Track

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