Tuesday 23 June 2020

Another Sky - Fell In Love With The City

“Fell in love with the city. Fell in love with @AnotherSkyMusic (again).” I posted those words on Twitter back in September last year after the band’s phenomenal show at London’s Village Underground. Now we finally get that song ahead of the band’s debut album I Slept On The Floor due 7th August.

It feels good to be posting this song today. It is, after all, the day Breaking More Waves was born back in 2008 with a quote from Lyndon B. Johnson: “We can draw lessons from the past but we cannot live in it," together with a reflection that it was eleven years before that that I’d published my first ever fanzine (Breaking Waves) under the author pen name The Boy On The Boat. (Simply because at the time I lived on a houseboat on the Thames).

Now here I am 12 years after that first post (despite supposedly retiring the blog last year) and 23 years since that first scrappy stapled and photocopied ‘zine. I'm still writing about the work of bands and artists I love for no other reason than i like doing it. 

I still occasionally go off at tangents and reflect on the oddness of pop. Questions such as why is it that music seems to be the only profession where it seems totally normal to promote your product by publishing a photo of yourself in the bath? Or why are musicians so full of contradictions? I still write posts unedited and throw them up online in the spare 15 minutes I find in the day. I still get over excited about an artist who I'm sure will be the next big thing that we then never hear of again. I'm still a nerdy fanboy. I still love this thing we call music.

And there you have it, I’m veering off again. This is about Another Sky. 

Fell In Love With The City is classic Another Sky. Surging cinematic guitars combine with Catrin’s Vincent’s mighty vocal to make a song that is exhilarating and elevating. I've already played it a dozen times and I've only just got started.

This is big music. This is another one to lose yourself in. What a band.

Another Sky - Fell In Love With The City

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Theo said...

Happy blogiversary Robin! Best music blog in Britain! Keep up the good work.