Thursday 18 June 2020

Ashnikko - Cry (Featuring Grimes)

Ashnikko, the only artist I know who has sold a ‘tentacle penis candle’ as part of her merchandise on her webstore (now sold out) seems to have been bubbling under with an already impressive fan base for quite a while now. 

Her latest track Cry, a blink and you might miss it 2 minutes and 6 seconds of kick-ass rage will continue to develop her profile nicely, especially with the addition of Grimes supplying some backing vocals to the track. It's my on repeat tune of the moment.

The reason for the angry future-pop? Her ex-best friend sleeping with her boyfriend. “Lay another finger on me and you could lose a hand,” she sings. 

Don’t mess with Ashnikko!

Ashnikko - Cry (Featuring Grimes)

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