Tuesday 9 April 2019

New Music: Pocket Sun - Tightly

I first introduced Pocket Sun to the pages of Breaking More Waves last month with their debut track Plastic and now it’s time to drift away with them again as we catch their second song to be released from their forthcoming EP Sleep Inventions due May 17th. It’s called Tightly.

The sound here is perhaps unlike the title; it's less constricting and tight but more snug, like a belated Indian Summer where you’ve spent all day dozing in the hammock without realising. Pocket Sun’s music doesn’t grab you, instead it sidles up to you gracefully and just nestles into your ear comfortably. Add in lyrics about ‘floating on the waves of you’ and ‘a body needs a sun’ and the dreamy and tranquil textures of the music are accentuated even more.

To accompany the track there’s a spacey-fruity video which you can see below.

Pocket Sun is the project of an artist who goes by the name of GMT from Bristol who has assembled a 5 piece to embrace her vision. Behind the scenes Pocket Sun have been working on a live show, which will see the light of day this year - catch them at all the best venues and emerging music festivals soon.

Pocket Sun - Tightly (Video)

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