Tuesday 2 April 2019

New Music: Hatchie - Stay With Me

Since Hatchie first cropped up on the Breaking More Waves radar in January 2018  I thought I had her sound nailed down. Layers of dreamy guitars and a pretty indie pop melody that take you instantly back to the late 80’s and early 90’s have pretty much been the order of the day. 

So new song Stay With Me is a bit of a surprise as it veers away from her usual (albeit lovely) formula into something far more synthetic. It still has that languid dream like quality to it and despite the video showing Hatchie ‘in da club’ it’s not really a dance track at all, unless your style of dancing is pretty laid back. Hatchie has described the song as one of her favourites on her forthcoming album: “Because I’m a sucker for crying-in-the-club tracks.” Personally, I prefer Camilla Cabello’s idea of there being no crying in the club, because the beat will carry away your tears as they fall and the music will lift you up, but each to their own….

Hatchie’s debut album Keepsake will be released on the 21st June and she will be playing some UK shows in Brighton, Bristol, London, Manchester and Leeds in the same month.

Hatchie - Stay With Me

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