Thursday 18 April 2019

New Music: Lauran Hibberd - Hoochie

Over the years the Breaking More Waves household has owned a number of hamsters. They were called Frisbee (RIP), Krispy (RIP) and Cocoa (RIP). Lauran Hibberd also owns a hamster; it’s called Hoochie. This also just happens to be the name of her new single. I quite like the idea of her owning a menagerie of pets all named after her songs: Sugardaddy could be a tortoise perhaps, Hunny would be a cute adult rabbit and Shotgun would be some sort of vicious looking dog, that she could call at any time when she lets it off the lead.

Alas Hoochie the song isn’t about a hamster, although pets do get a brief mention. Instead it’s a tune about someone who Lauran used to hang out with, but now she thinks they’re a bit of a plonker: “I saw you bought another bass, I thought I told you it was a waste of space. I know you’re gonna start another shit hot band and make me laugh,” she concludes of the jackass boy. Hoochie flies by like a zip being yanked down. Before you know it you’ve had a bunch of growling indie guitars and yet another earworm of a chorus – Lauran just can’t stop writing them.

If the music career doesn’t work out for her  (and it seems to be going pretty well at the moment – although if the promo picture above is to be believed she doesn’t seem to have earned enough money yet to be able to afford a hairdryer, instead resorting to hand dryers in public toilets) she could perhaps try one in comedy. For anyone that has seen her live you’ll know that she does a neat line in slightly self-disparaging slightly cocky humour as displayed in her latest quote about this song: “I think there’s a confidence in this track lyrically that I’m yet to filter through to my actual life. I’m looking forward to that happening.”

Lauran has a few headline dates of her own coming up in May (in Southampton, Manchester and London) before she’s out doing a few festivals this summer including Great Escape, Winchestival, 110 Above and the mother of them all – Glastonbury - where she represents the south in the BBC Introducing tent. (I couldn't think of a finer representative). Hoochie is out all over the place right now – just like a Hoochie does.

Lauran Hibberd - Hoochie

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