Thursday, 11 April 2019

New Music: Iris - Romance Is Dead

Since Iris, the latest Norwegian pop-export, first hit the pages of Breaking More Waves, she has released her debut EP A Sensitive Being. It’s a rather fetching low-key collection of anti-bangers for those who like pop music that is a little more plaintive and gentle in tone (although the track Hanging Around You / Crackers displays some near-Sigrid like qualities of elevated synthy euphoria, albeit in a rather understated manner).

Now there’s a video for the closing track from the EP, the seemingly harshly titled Romance is Dead. “Who can say romance is dead when I see strangers running into each others arms?” she sings and in these times of what seems to be constant anger on line, it’s nice to hear some words like this with a piece of music that is so beautifully soothing. Of the video Iris says “I used an old digital camera because I like how the world looks through it. There’s a bit of perfection in it looking so imperfect.”

Iris comes to the UK in May for Brighton’s Great Escape festival.

Iris - Romance is Dead (Video)

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