Thursday 7 March 2019

New Music: Saltwater Sun - Blood

Blood by Reading band Saltwater Sun is undoubtedly my favourite tune that the group has released so far. 

Whilst positively raining with gorgeous guitar chords and uplifting sounding melodies the track deals with much more personal issues; for Blood is about family and the legacy we leave behind, written as lead singer Jen Stearnes thought about her father who died a number of years before. Most people would probably like to think that we will get through life to see some of those big moments that mark the life of a family – anything from graduations to weddings to special holidays to the birth of new children – but the reality is that unfortunately some of us will pass away early, and Jen sums it up with this line: “Is it tainted now by the agony of all you had to miss?” 

Whilst the song was released a month ago, the band have just put out a video to accompany the tune which is the classic ‘shove a camera in their faces whilst we’re driving along the motorway’ tour footage piece which if nothing else you can learn that last year the band played a BBC Introducing Stage at a rainy festival, supported Jimmy Eat World and had some fun.

Blood is taken from a forthcoming EP due for April release with the promise of the band playing a number of festivals in 2019. 

Saltwater Sun - Blood (Video)

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Vid said...

Singer sounds very much like The Sundays. Thought they has released a new song. New Harriet Wheeler in town.