Friday 22 March 2019

New Music: Rosie Lowe - Pharoah

For the first forty-five seconds of Rosie Lowe’s new single Pharoah you could easily be forgiven for thinking that her evil guitarist had secretly locked himself in the recording studio, flicked all the recording switches on and was preparing to have a self-indulgent jam session whilst nobody was around. Thankfully it doesn’t last long. Then BOOM, a big saucy bass bruises the ears in a most delightful way and we’re slipping off down to slow groove funkytown, with Rosie celebrating her strength:  “Power in my arms, power in my legs, power in my mind , power in my imperfections that make me, a power in my knowledge, power in the magic I do.” From this we can perhaps deduce that Rosie is a member of the magic circle and will soon be doing some David Blaine or Houdinni like tricks for us all when she's bored with the music. 

Then there’s the video. There’s probably some deep meaning here, but frankly it’s late at night and I have absolutely no idea what I’ve just watched. Your suggestions and answers on a postcard please (for the old people) and via Twitter (for the middle aged) and via Snapchat (for the young ‘uns) for what it all means / is about. 

More oddness abounds where, at the time of writing, Pharoah isn't on Spotify, so no New Music Friday positioning for Rosie at the moment, which is a shame. For this deserves to be heard in as many places as possible.

Update: A few hours after I posted this piece the video was taken down from Rosie's channel. This might explain the oddness described above - it looks like there was some sort of upload timing error. No doubt it will be back. Until then you'll just have to imagine what it might have been.

Update 3rd April: It's back online.

Rosie Lowe - Pharoah

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