Thursday 28 March 2019

New Music: BASH! - Indecisive

Last month I introduced Southampton’s finest new band to the pages of Breaking More Waves. (Here) They were and still are called BASH! Now they’re back again with a new song. Hurrah.

As soon as a group mentions the F-word (that’s fun by the way) music snobs sometimes turn away. Imagine if for example Radiohead had described themselves as ‘some kids having fun.’ A certain type of Pitchfork reader would have instantly dismissed them. How can they write good songs when they’re enjoying themselves? Well, that's how BASH! describe themselves on their Facebook page and to use a cliché, the music snob's loss is our gain, because it means more room on the dance floor for us. Two fingers up to you Mr Making Music Has To Be Serious For It To Be Good. 

And BASH! are good. And fun! And they love an exclamation mark as well. Imagine Radiohead’s Creep looking like this: CREEP! Isn’t that more exciting?

Anyway, Indecisive rocks. It’s a little heavier than previous song Wild – although don’t expect anything that sounds like Metallica. The lyrics go a little deeper as well. Just press play on the song below - you don't need an essay from me describing every bloody guitar riff and drum beat.

BASH! will be supporting Girli in their home city on the 11th April. Keep an eye out for more live dates soon.

BASH! - Indecisive

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