Tuesday 12 March 2019

Introducing: Gracey

The chorus of newcomer Gracey’s debut single is a killer. With an effect laden voice reminiscent of Imogen Heap’s Hide & Seek or Laurie Anderson’s Oh Superman it stabs deep: “We just want different things, we want different things, I only wanted to love you, but you made it fucking hard to.” It’s soulful, spacey and a rather special pop song. If she has anything else as good as this get ready to read her name a lot.

Gracey’s not 100% new to this pop business though. Remember By Your Side by Jonas Blue and Raye? Gracey has a writing credit on that (under her full name Grace Barker). Ditto the Sub Focus track Don’t You Feel It (featuring Alma). 

Gracey comes from just down the road from this blog’s location in Portsmouth, namely Brighton, which means that she’s the second very good singer called Grace from there in recent times, the other being another Breaking More Waves approved act - Grace Carter. So perhaps the change to the more popstar like name of Gracey is a sound one, after all two Grace’s from Brighton could be confusing for those of us with lesser minds.

Gracey’s debut song is called Different Things – and no it’s not about UK politics and Brexit and how the politicians seem unable to agree on what to do  – but a romantic relationship that just was never going to work out. Different Things is on streaming services now and there’s a simple introductory video to accompany the song as well.

Gracey - Different Things

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