Sunday 31 March 2019

New Music: Georgia - About Work The Dancefloor

Do you Remember Georgia Barnes? She first came to the forefront in 2014 with the release of her EP Come In following a few years of drumming for the likes of Kate Tempest, Juce and Kwes. The daughter of Neil Barnes from Leftfield (if you’ve never heard Leftfield’s brilliant album Leftism or seen the Guiness advert that featured their track Phat Planet (here), that’s your homework for today), she styled her name as GEoRGiA and released her imaginative debut self-titled album in 2015.

Roll on to 2019 and Georgia appears to have fixed her Caps Lock keys and is now producing her most accessible and poptastic music to date. We’ve already had Started Out which picked up plenty of plays on BBC Radio 1 and now there’s the Robyn-esque About Work The Dancefloor, which frankly is bloody brilliant. Big 80s robotic synth stabs? Check. Pulsing Moroder like synths? Check. A hook that’s spoken not sung so those of us who really can’t sing can join in easily? Check. Oh and a video that features a house that’s converting to a night club so hard that it’s on fire. Check.

Add it to your playlist now. Like I have. Because it’s the end of the month and that means it’s time for an updated playlist with every song featured on Breaking More Waves from March. You can find the playlist by clicking this link here.

Georgia - About Work The Dancefloor

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