Friday 27 April 2018

New Music: Kailee Morgue - F**k U

Musicians eh? They really need to learn some manners don’t they? And how to spell. Take Kailee Morgue – singer of internet hit Medusa. Now she’s back swearing like a trooper with F**k U, which let’s face it is pretty rude and follows the Prince school of spelling for the word You. 

For those expecting some sort of aggressive sounding dirty rock beast of a song, or a sweaty funk work out and Kailee screaming like a banshee, sneering, spitting and shoving her angry finger in your face, prepare to be surprised. Because F**k U sounds adorably pleasing, with just Kailee’s candied voice and some stripped back instrumentation. Sometimes there’s a greater power in subtlety - it makes the words even stronger - like here, where there is no happy ending.

Kailee Morgue - F**k You

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