Wednesday 25 April 2018

New Music: Introducing - G Flip

Over the last few weeks, in preparation for May’s new music marathon that is the Great Escape Festival in Brighton I’ve been listening to every single one of the 400+ artists that are playing. There’ll be some sort of preview here closer to the date of the festival.

Of course writing a new music blog there are already plenty of musicians on the bill that have made their way to these pages - AK/DK, Alice Boman, Art School Girlfriend, Bad Sounds, Basement Revolver, Bloxx, Boniface, Bulow, Cuckooolander, Dizzy, Dream Wife, Easy Life and Franc Moody are just a small handful of the acts that I’ve featured that run alphabetically from A to F and there are many more up to Zuzu at Z. But today I want to share a musician that I knew nothing about until I saw her name on the Great Escape bill. Alphabetically she takes us onto G. Her name is Georgia Flipo and she records and performs under the name of G Flip

G Flip used to be just a drummer at the back, but now she’s a solo artist in her own right (although she still drums). She comes, like seemingly half of the best acts on the 2018 Great Escape bill, from Australia, Melbourne to be exact, and her first release About You gives me the absolute shivers.

It starts with a shadowy reverb drone sound that conjures up images of somewhere hellish and otherworldly – the Upside Down from Stranger Things perhaps? It’s ominously scary. But it really doesn’t prepare you for what is to come.

Because About You is a full-blown pop song. A dream of a pop song that flows with melodies and rhythms that will get inside your head and lodge themselves there for a very long time. I’ve woken up in the middle of the night with this tune going through my brain. I’ve found myself singing it at work. I’ve found myself being able to think of nothing else. You have been warned. You may become obsessed.

On her trip to the UK in May, besides Great Escape (where G-Flip plays two official shows) she will also be at Dot to Dot festival and will also be supporting Pale Waves at their biggest UK show so far at Heaven in London. If you get the chance, go see her and witness Australia's way cooler answer to Phil Collins.

G-Flip - About You (Video)

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