Friday 6 April 2018

New Music: Bokito - Love Gotten

When Bokito first hit Breaking More Waves with Better At Getting Worse I described their carnival-afro-pop-indie sounds as a potential party in waiting, and that description turned out to be very accurate when I finally caught them playing to a packed room at The Great Escape Escape festival in Brighton in May. What was touching about the performance was the way that the band was clearly thrilled that so many people had turned out to see them and in return they delivered a show that, centred around frontman Moses Moorhouse, made you feel glad to be alive, with Moses pulling some outrageously hip wiggling free dance moves that seemed to have more in common with African tribes people than a typical UK indie bop / mosh and the songs themselves managing to stand out from the crowd with their inventiveness.

Since that time the band released another track, Aloof, and now return with Love Gotten a tune that high-kicks and struts with a nerdish indie pop joy. Bokito’s eccentric fidgety sound sits comfortably (or perhaps given the general jerkiness of their grooves maybe I should say uncomfortably) alongside the likes of Everything Everything and shows once again that indie music can, when it tries, be both imaginative and fun. 

The band play at the Strongroom Bar in London on the 27th May.

Bokito - Love Gotten

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