Tuesday 19 December 2017

New Music: Introducing - Zoe Nash

Zoe Nash doesn’t mince her words on her debut single Rather Die: “I would rather die than be like you. ‘Cause you’re hateful, sitting high king of the hill, you’re just shameful, you won’t stop ‘till you’ve got your fill,” she croons, and with a voice like hers it’s no surprise she’s using it. There’s a similarity to Macy Gracy for sure, all huskily rasping and smoke-laden. It stands out a mile from the dreary auto-tuned soulless pap that pop music serves up so often these days and as a response to those who use their platforms to spread hate and ignorance it certainly lays out Zoe’s stall.

Having already featured on the G-Eazy track The Beautiful & Damned a month or so ago, Rather Die is Zoe’s first solo offering, and whilst the vocal here is undeniably scorching. the 27 year old from Los Angeles also has the tune to go with it – there’s a hooky backing chorus and a suitably laid back summery groove – suggesting perhaps that Zoe Nash might just be a name to put on your Ones to Watch for 2018 list if you haven’t done one yet. After all back in 2013 she tweeted that she was born to be a pop star. 4 years later that tweet looks incredibly true.

Zoe Nash - Rather Die

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