Thursday 21 December 2017

New Music: Introducing - Hachiku

Press play on Hachiku’s video for Al’s Wisdom List and if your brain works anything like mine you’ll probably immediately be thinking that Anika Ostendorf, who essentially is Hachiku, must be from Iceland or possibly Norway or Sweden. She just has that slightly idiosyncratic lilt to her voice. Yes, there's a hint of Bjork in there.

The reality is that Anika was born in Detroit and raised in Germany, had a spell in London and is currently located in Melbourne. You could therefore perhaps say her music as inter-continental. On her Facebook she describes it as ‘modern opera rock meets princess fairy pop’ which is closer than I could get. Whatever it is it’s certainly a little unorthodox, with touches of light whimsy, head swaying dreaminess. Ultimately is wonderfully pretty. It’s all created by Anika alone in portable home studio, although when she plays live Hachiku becomes a fully-fledged band.

Having released her debut 5 track EP in June this year through Milk records (which you can listen to on Bandcamp by clicking here), yesterday saw the release of a video for Al’s Wisdom List, one of the songs that features on the EP. Combining warm country guitar sounds with tiny beats, electronics, twinkling chimes and Anika’s delicately pleasing tones, it’s probably the only video you’ll see this year that features a yeti like creature in bed getting artistic.

Hachiku - Al's Wisdom List (Video)

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