Sunday 31 December 2017

Favourite Albums of 2017 #11 Brian Eno - Reflection

At over an hour long and formed from just one track, Brian Eno probably wasn’t going to be earning much money from Spotify streams for Reflection, his latest ambient opus, but that probably wasn’t his concern having had a long and sustained career in the music industry.

Eno described Reflection as 'generative' because whilst you can buy the recorded version on CD, vinyl or hit up the stream, Reflection was also available as an app where there were no restrictions, allowing the software to create an endless and constantly changing piece of music. Reflection’s gentle thrums create a slow release of soundscapes that are the equivalent of watching ripples of a pond; hypnotic, gentle and ever changing.

Released on New Year’s Day in 2017 it could be argued that Reflection was the perfect hangover cure album as it was so beautifully introspective and calming. But it wasn’t just designed for just that day. By the end of the year it’s still a record to come back to.

Brian Eno - Reflection

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