Tuesday 23 February 2016

New Music: Introducing - Wildes

The press release that accompanied this song by West London lass Ella Walker, who goes by the artist name of Wildes, suggested that Bare, her first official release (a bit of digging online will find various other bits and bobs, including Ella participating in a very Staves like cover version of Mumford and Sons song Timshel) would probably draw some comparisons to Elena Tonra of Daughter fame. It wasn’t wrong. Let’s face it, the guitars paint virtually the same atmospheric soundscape and even the title of the song sounds like something that Daughter might have come up with.

So apologies if you’re looking for something groundbreaking and original. Bare isn’t it. Go and ask Thom Yorke to fart into a can, put a distorted beat over it and call it Bz23 + Norsk45 = tieduplittlepiggy if you want that. But if like me you’re happy to wallow in something that’s raw, sensitive and supremely lovely, whatever the similarities, then press play.

Wildes - Bare

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