Friday 5 February 2016

New Music: Introducing - Joy Crookes

You can always tell when a contemporary artist has got it right and managed to carve out their own unique space within the crowded online world of pop music when they get name checked against the latest new kid on the block wanting their own bit of space. Lana Del Rey is undoubtedly one such artist and the latest fresh faced upstart to draw out the comparisons is Joy Crookes.

On the evidence of her official debut single this seventeen year old South Londoner is making music that sounds deeply nostalgic. For New Manhattan wallows in sumptuous smoky strings and Wild West guitars; you can almost feel the heat haze emanating from the music. If David Lynch wanted a soundtrack for his Twin Peaks reboot, and Lana wasn't available (probably because she's still too busy putting on that red dress) this could well be it. A wonderful torch song. 

Joy Crookes - New Manhattan

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