Friday 26 February 2016

Fear Of Men & Champs Added To Portsmouth's Bargain All Dayer (Dials Days)

I’m interrupting the normal music posts for a short commercial advert break.

Some of you may have read about a successful new music festival I helped run in Portsmouth last year called Dials (here) or remember an earlier post (here) about a new event the team are running.

The new event is called Dials Days and it’s an all-day affair at Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms and its sister venue The Edge of the Wedge. I’ve had an input into booking a small handful of bands on the bill (regular readers will probably be able to tell which ones quite easily!).

You might also remember that I wrote about the fact that one of our headliners was due to be Viola Beach. Tragically the band members and manager were all killed in a car accident the day after we booked them. Following these terrible events the team has been working hard to secure new headliners whilst keeping within the festival’s concept of providing a full day of live music at a value price of just £10.

I’m now pleased to confirm that the two bands who will be topping the bill are Brighton’s Fear Of Men, their show at Dials Days being the final date of their new tour which includes a number of gigs at South By South West in Austin Texas. Joining them will be Champs, whose second album Vamala received rave reviews; the Guardian, Independent and Q Magazine all giving it 4 out of 5, with the Guardian calling it ‘highly effective pop’. These two groups complete a line-up that offers a full day of entertainment for around the same price as going to the cinema for a couple of hours. It's a bargain.

What more is there to say? Just grab a ticket quick from the link below. The prices will be more on the door. Come and be a Dials Dayer (and stay and dance into the night with the DJs after the bands finish till 2am)

Tickets are available from this link here.

Watch Fear of Men and Champs here:

Fear Of Men - Tephra

Champs - Desire

The full line up is: Fear Of Men, Champs, Estrons, Femme, Fake Laugh, Avec Sans, Dead Rabbits, Wyldest, Shallows, Thyla, The Boy I Used To Be, Is Bliss, Melt Dunes, Hey Charlie, Little Robyn, George Regan

Here's a Soundcloud playlist with all the acts except 1 below:

Ok that’s the commercial break over… back to the regular posts next!

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