Friday 26 February 2016

New Music: Introducing - Abigail Blake

Welcome to today’s new genre. What do you get if you combine a harp, a sprinkling of delicate hop-scotch electronic beats and a rather pretty voice? The answer is Twinklestep. Silly? Yes - but Abigail Blake, who seems to have invented this fairy-dance sound, has turned the silliness into something rather refreshing. 

There’s a feathery lightness to her song Liar that is both charming and alluring - even if the subject matter is somewhat heavier - the lyrics deal with the subject of people she thought she could rely on turning their backs on her when she was struggling with severe depression. 

It isn’t the first tune from this 21 year old lass from Norwich, but her previous efforts have all been way more acoustic. Liar is an impressive development; the skittering beats suit her well. It’s a fascinating start to Abigail Blake's new chapter.

Abigail Blake - Liar

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