Wednesday 13 January 2016

New Music: Violet Skies - One Day, Three Autumns

The last two times I came across Violet Skies were: 

1. When she was belting out some impressive sultry pop tunes in a so newly refurbished bar in Brighton that you could still smell the wet paint on the walls. 

2. Finding her peering through one way glazing at PJ Harvey as Polly recorded her new album as part of her Somerset House Recording In Progress project / installation. 

This time however Violet has a recording of her own to present and guess what? It’s f*cking fantastic.

One Day, Three Autumns is like one of the Walkers in The Walking Dead. That is to say, it’s heart ripping. After a starting sample from the now out of copyright film Farewell To Arms, big electronics swoop up and grab your insides as Violet sings of wondering, waiting and the heartache of ‘knowing that you are still so far away’. It’s a passionate pop-scape painted from the gut and a very strong argument against those who argue that electronically produced music isn’t ‘real’ because it has no heart, soul, honesty or conviction. As I said; f*cking fantastic.

Violet Skies - One Day Three Autumns

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