Saturday 16 January 2016

New Music: Flume - Never Be Like You featuring Kai

It must be great being an electronic producer like Flume; banging out immensely popular electronic bangers with millions and millions of plays worldwide and yet (probably, or at least in our country the UK) being able to push your trolley around your local Tesco supermarket without being recognised once. Mind you I pushed my trolley round Tesco the other day and nobody recognised me, so at least Flume and I have something in common. I just need to work on the bangers. Or he needs to work on developing his knowledge of Building Regulations.

So if you happen to see the man above in your local store, rush up to him and shout “You are Harley Edward Streten, better known as Australian super producer Flume and I recognise you from a picture on Breaking More Waves blog. Then shove a copy of the Building Regulations 2010 in his hand and run off yelling "read those sucker, your knowledge of fire precautions, structural engineering and much more is shocking." That’ll freak him out.

What will freak you out is his new tune, the first to be taken from his forthcoming album Skin coming out later this year. Never Be Like You is a shuddering, trembling piece of electronica, featuring a soul / pop vocal from Canadian singer Kai who sings about a relationship gone wrong and it’s all her fault: “I am only human can't you see, I made a mistake, please just look me in my face and tell me everything’s OK” she pleads before adding “now I’m fucked up and I miss you.” We 100% guarantee that this will be all over the blogs. Correction, having been out just 4 hours it is already all over the blogs. 

Take a listen below and then keep an eye out for Flume in your local grocery store. 

Flume - Never Be Like You featuring Kai

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