Tuesday 5 January 2016

The Blog Sound of 2016 - Top 5 Revealed

Cast your mind back to the beginning of December and you may remember a post about the Blog Sound of 2016. It's an annual poll of a selection of UK music bloggers that asks each blog to select their 3 favourite emerging acts, ranked in order, with their favourite scoring three points, then two and one.

From that poll a longlist of 15 artists was produced, each of the 15 being those that received the most points.

Today the top 5 acts that received the most votes have been revealed and they are:

1st Mura Masa

2nd The Japanese House

3rd Aurora

4th Aquilo

5th Loyle Carner

Mura Masa is the first male solo artist to top the Blog Sound poll and follows in the footsteps of Lapsley, Banks, Marika Hackman, Haim and Friends all of whom garnered the most points in previous years.

From Breaking More Waves perspective I’m pleased with these results as all of these artists have been featured on the blog over the last couple of years, and three of them (Mura Masa, Aurora and Loyle Carner) were in my own Ones to Watch list. In fact of those 3, I chose 2 of them for my own 3 votes for this poll. 

To see Breaking More Waves own 10 Ones To Watch click here.

To see all of the main UK tips lists combined into 1 to see who most people are tipping have a look at this post on Music Ally here.

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