Saturday 9 January 2016

New Music: Introducing - Fours

I try as much as possible not to have a defined idea of what is good music and bad music, other than it’s something that engages me. After listening to Everything I Never Said, the debut EP from new band Fours, consider me fully engaged.

Released last September (yes I’m playing catch up here, thanks in no small way to some recent tweets from blog friends and lovers Disco Naïveté and What If I Had A Music Blog) the Fours EP possesses hip-shaking snappy guitar riffs a-plenty, not that dissimilar to Breaking More Waves favourites Fickle Friends. If E4’s teen drama show Skins was still running I’d be pretty sure that Fours would be cropping up there to soundtrack a sweaty, sexy disco party.  

There are inevitably four people in the band (come on, it wouldn’t work otherwise would it?) and whopping out the vocals up front is Edith Violet who has already had a few Florence Welch comparisons thrown her way, albeit Edith’s vocal is a little less try hard. I’m also impressed that on the band’s Facebook page Edith is titled as being a Level 1 Barista, which I assume means that she can make a half decent cappuccino when she’s not belting out killer pop tunes. Take a listen to Damage from the EP below, which throws in a few lovely soft focus synths alongside the “stronger without me” hooks  and find the rest of it on Spotify (here).

Fours - Damage

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