Wednesday 6 January 2016

New Music: Kiiara - Say Anymore

So here’s the latest tune from Kiiara, the lady that I always get muddled up with a famous concentrated soft drink brand that probably wasn’t named after sometimes quite annoying UK pop singer Rita Ora. You may remember Kiiara from when I first wrote about her last June.

There’s a case for this song, and a case against. Before deciding if I liked it or not, I weighed up my decision by careful thought, detailed analysis and expert musical appraisal. I also had a couple of glasses of red wine, to let the sounds flow a little smoother.

The case for

1. It’s infectiously and weirdly hooky – and when talking pop music that’s a good thing.

2. It sounds like the sort of song that Nicola Roberts could have sung – and when talking pop music that’s a very VERY good thing.

3. It sounds like it could have been knocked up in about 20 minutes. This isn’t a criticism it's praise. Overthought songs and recordings are generally crap.

4. Like a good steak, it’s not overdone. In fact it’s almost minimal. 

5. Also like a good steak it's even better with a decent red wine.

6. The instrumental riff shares a warped similarity to the guitar riff from Run To The Hills by heavy metal dudes Iron Maiden. Well, it does to my ears anyway.

The case against

1. It could become very annoying played on repeat.

2. The synthetic vocal production could be argued as being absolutely horrible and suggests that actually Kiiara can’t sing at all.

3. The lyrics: “From the nightclub to the bedroom floor, I’ve never felt quite like this before,” aren’t exactly deeply insightful are they? 

4. It’s not really a song at all – just a hook repeated over and over again.

So that’s 6 for vs 4 against, so the votes ‘For’ win.

So grab a glass of wine or two and make your own mind up by pressing play below. But please drink responsibly. Thanks.

Kiiara - Say Anymore

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