Monday 28 September 2015

Starling - Wild Heart

After the haunting piano led beauty of Take It Down (what a song) and Misfit, Starling returns with Wild Heart and destroys all of our preconceived ideas about her being just a slightly left of centre balladeer that probably composes all of her songs by candlelight.

“Take what you need, I'm just an animal, I'm not responsible,” she sings. Woah. We wonder what sort of animal? A lion? A tiger? Maybe a hamster? Oh hold on, isn't she a bird judging by her name?

There’s some spike and force here; crashing drums, throbbing electronics and line about a thorn in her love. Don’t worry, it’s not as if she’s gone industrial or written a heavy metal track, as Wild Heart is still unquestionably listenable, but a fire has been added to the intriguing mix.

Starling - Wild Heart

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