Wednesday 16 September 2015

Elle King - Ex's & Oh's

You know how Breaking More Waves is on a bit of a slow down at the moment? And you know how this means that sometimes we’re posting the latest music a little bit later than all the other blogs, if at all? Well we’re going one worse now and posting a song by an artist that was uploaded to Soundcloud nearly a year ago. Even by our standards this is pretty slow. Even less good for our new music blogger credentials is the fact that the song has had over 1 million plays. This means if you’re any better than us (which right now isn’t hard) you’ll have probably already have heard Ex's & Oh's, but if you are one of the (approximately) 6.9 billion people in the world that isn’t familiar with it, this post is for you…. 

Of course, there’s also a chance that Elle King herself may be new to you. Thankfully at least in this respect we can have some claim to blogger one-upmanship having first written about her way back in 2012 when we talked of her ‘songs about heartbreak, love and crap towns in Ohio’ and her ‘gorgeously affecting’ voice in one post and described her as a ‘whiskey soaked Adele going country’ in another. Although we haven't featured her since.

So why feature this song Ex’s and Oh’s now? 


1. It’s only been relatively recently released in the UK and therefore as a UK based blog it’s still ‘new music’ to us. Sort of. 

2. Elle is touring the UK with James Bay later this month and into October. Now normally we wouldn’t recommend buying a James Bay ticket at all, but in this case we're making an exception, because then you can watch Elle and then when she’s finished enjoy propping up the bar without any worries about it being too crowded, letting everyone else sing along to all those ‘classics’ like Hold Back The River. Even better you could just find another pub down the road and have a pleasant evening getting drunk knowing that you have finer taste than the majority.

3. A good song is a good song no matter what, and Ex’s and Oh’s is a good song. In fact it’s so good that it’s already reached number 1 on Billboards Alternative Songs chart (although to be honest it doesn’t sound very alternative at all). Staggeringly Elle is only the second female solo act to top the chart since 1996. Something seems a little wrong there.

4. We don't really have to justify posting anything at any time. Even though we just have. 

Enjoy Ex’s and Oh’s and brace yourselves because we’re getting very very close to the point where we get back to doing new music like we used to*. Thanks for sticking with us.

Elle King - Ex's & Oh's

* Next week

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