Friday 25 September 2015

Hazel English - Fix

Right now Hazel English is a bit like the Jeremy Corbyn of the blogs. When we first heard her music we liked it a lot, but we really couldn’t see it appealing beyond the fringes – it sounded too old fashioned and certainly wasn’t in keeping with what the  vast majority of uber-cool new music sites were getting excited about. 

But just like Corbyn, English has jetted rapidly from being a 100/1 outsider to a leader of the pack. Never Going Home and It’s Not Real have already been big online hits and now third song Fix is on its way to doing something similar. Upon its release a couple of days you could almost hear the tap-tap melee of bloggers keyboards, rattling away, getting the song on line as quick as possible. 

So why is this? 

We hope (and think) that the main reason is simple; good songs.

Fix continues the good song trend. It’s a little subtler than her previous efforts, a melancholy anthem for every teenager sat in their bedroom, bored, dreaming of excitement with a call of wanting to feel alive and to ‘take me away again’. It’s also deliriously pretty. 

Oh and just like Corbyn it appears that Hazel English is also a big fan of rocking up to work in a pair of shorts (see above pic). We salute the both of them for this.

Hazel English - Fix

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