Saturday 26 September 2015

Halsey - New Americana (Video)

We’ve been  enjoying the rise of US based pop starlet Halsey, particularly in our own country of the UK where she seems to have taken the likes of Radio 1 as well as many of the bigger websites by surprise when her debut album went Top 10. Of course some of us can smugly sit on the sidelines, shaking our heads in a knowing and condescending manner shouting ‘TOLD YOU SO’. After all it was back in February 2014 that we first posted about her and suggested that she was a pop star in the making.

The question is why did the likes of Radio 1, the nations foremost pop station, miss her? They're certainly having to play catch up now (they've recently put Hurricane, another track from 2014 on their In New Music We Trust playlist) We don’t know for sure but one idea we have is that rather like Oh Wonder, another internet success story of the last year or so, Halsey didn’t have a PR machine behind her when she started and therefore got ignored. The first emails we received about her music were from Ashley (who is Halsey) herself rather than any team behind her,

One of those emails was about this song – New Americana – which Halsey gave away as a free download back in 2014. Now it’s back with an edgy new video, which includes a man going for a wee, possibly the first time we’ve ever seen a man going for a wee in a pop video? But if you know any others please feel free to take the piss out of our lack of urinal pop music knowledge.

Halsey - New Americana (Video)

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