Saturday 26 September 2015

MΛJIK - Save Me

Oh gosh. This is absolutely beautiful.  

You might remember London duo MΛJIK from February when we featured their debut song It’s Alright. Now they return with Save Me, a tune which upon pressing play we absolutely knew that we’d be posting on Breaking More Waves within the first 30 seconds of listening.

Released through Akira Records on 23rd October Save Me does something to our insides that’s impossible to explain without sounding incredible cheesy. From the opening line of “I’m hearing voices all because of you, I’m seeing red, so in love with you,” sung with the creamiest and most velvety of vocals that never seem to exert themselves and yet manage to fully pull at all the emotions, you’re drawn into a downtempo world where all of your troubles just disappear. This is the power of music. This is the power of MΛJIK. Marcus & Jamie play live this week at Gold Dust, Hoxton Bar & Kitchen (Sept 29th). If you get the chance go and immerse yourselves in their wonder.

We repeat. This is absolutely beautiful.

MΛJIK - Save Me

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