Thursday 13 August 2015

salute - New Waves

You’ve probably already heard of Mura Masa (if you haven’t play some serious catch up by listening to the groove laden brilliance of Firefly featuring Breaking More Waves favourite Nao and the track Lotus Eater as a seriously good introduction), but you might not yet have come across salute (yes, the lack of capital S isn’t a mistake) who unbelievably is a classmate of MM’s in Brighton. That's a very cool college.

With a whole bunch of tracks already online, Castle (Magic) is salute's first official single, via 37 Adventures. Built around some muted vocal loops, deep bass and synths there’s hints of something more ambient beneath the track, giving it a soft, near classical undercoating. There’s a hook as well, not in the sense of a traditional pop vocal melody hook, but with electronics that sound like a Clanger who has eaten too much green soup (go and ask your mum or dad if you have no idea what we’re talking about – or just Google it). This dude is good.

salute - Castle (Magic)

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