Monday 17 August 2015

Chvrches - Leave A Trace (Video)

A few days ago we posted a few words about the ups and downs of being a fan of a particular artist. In investing so much love and expectation in a band or singer (and quite possibly money – although it seems these days that for many fans financial investment in their favourite acts is less important than it ever was), at some point there will almost inevitably come disappointment. But because art (and therefore pop music) is often surprising, contradictory, remarkable and accidentally wonderful, it’s often worth sticking with your favourites, because they’ll probably startle and amaze you soon enough again.

As we stated before, one act like that here at Breaking More Waves towers is Chvrches. We’ve struggled with their new song Never Ending Circles, not because it isn’t ‘good’ but because its similarity to previous releases hasn’t really grabbed us yet. (*We reserve the right to change our mind on this in 6 months time when we proclaim it our single of the year or something similar). 

Yet here we are again, once again writing about Chvrches and the new video for their other recent song Leave A Trace - a slick tune that tickles our ears with plenty of pleasure and now there’s a slick splashtastic video to accompany it.

However, it seems that this video has got some misogynists worked up (read this thread linked here if you haven’t seen it; really do some people have nothing better to do with their time than post this sort of crap on line?). “PSA: apparently wet hair makes you a "slut". Nice work, 4chan / humanity,” the band tweeted later. Thankfully we’ll console ourselves that there are millions of people in the world and that thread only has a small number of people posting on it. We hope / believe that the vast majority of humanity is actually OK. Now, back to the music, because Leave A Trace is bloody marvellous. As Lauren sings: “Take care to bury all that you can, take care to leave a trace of a man,” we can feel a big old air punch coming on.

Chvrches - Leave A Trace (Video)

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