Saturday 29 August 2015

Kacy Hill - Foreign Fields (Video)

We tweeted about this song a few days ago, but at the time were unable to post the track on the blog because the video was exclusive to Now, here at Breaking More Waves we really don’t care for exclusives / premieres or the like. We’ve explained why before (have a read here, item number 3 – but in summary we have no aspirations for the blog to be ‘big’ ‘popular’ or achieve ‘success’ in the way that others define success - that should be obvious from the way the blog looks), but the music industry, being an industry, and therefore competitive, has brainwashed itself into thinking that it needs exclusives to be ‘winning’ the competition. 

However, thankfully now the exclusivity period is over and we’re able to stream Foreign Fields by Kacy Hill on the blog for your listening pleasure. You might remember Kacy from around a year ago when she released her first song Experience and we wrote a post that managed to cover the subjects of spaghetti bolognaise, butt cheeks and freckles as well as the music. That post (and the subsequent tweet we put out about the post) got us into a little bit of trouble with some of the moral custodians / judgers of the internet, which was rather ironic as the post was (in its own warped way about music) about how people often make judgements without knowing the whole story, and in that particular case the custodians / judgers admitted that they hadn’t  1. Read the whole article to get context and see that it wasn't just about the physical appearance of a woman - and 2. Tried to understand / ask questions to clarify before making their judgement.

But irrespective of if you remember Experience or that post, if you haven’t heard Foreign Fields yet, we command you to do so. Ok, that’s a bit assertive, but really, it’s worth your time, so pretty please press play. 

Foreign Fields is produced by Jack Garratt and you can almost instantly recognise his signature production style. The track starts with a very minimal, piano led downtempo experimental groove, but it doesn’t stand still with that. Instead it creeps forward towards a rhythmic frenzy that lifts the song off to the stars – maybe, just maybe, a place that Kacy is heading for? After all with Rankin directing the video and connections with Kanye West, Kacy has a head start of most fledgling potential pop stars.

Kacy Hill - Foreign Fields

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