Thursday 6 August 2015

Night Flowers - Sleep

One of the wonderful things about being a music fan is being able to delve back into your collection and rediscover things, either remembered or forgotten, and find that the thrill of the past still remains now. But of course it can also very much be about the discovery of the new; that’s what this blog is (mainly) about.

This new song, Sleep, from London via Humberside band Night Flowers manages to capture, for us, both of these two elements. It sounds vigorously exciting, the shimmering guitars folding themselves around you like a long lost friend giving a (sonic) hug, but similarly the very newness of it (including for the band a new vocalist in the form of Sophia Pettit) sends a goose bump thrill. 

This is a track to lose yourself in. Indie rock capturing our dreams. Thanks to our blog buddy Just Music I Like for the tip on this one. Sleep can be pre-ordered on 7" using the link here.

Night Flowers - Sleep

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