Tuesday 11 August 2015

Malka - Wrap It Up

Wrap It Up, the latest tune from Malka is a naggingly insistent beast. It’s the musical version of a frustrated fisherman throwing the hooks out in their multitude until they get a catch. If that makes the song sound annoying, then be advised it’s not – far from it. For Wrap it Up is a dopamine inducing delight, full of clattering rhythms that are going to get you, and plenty of earworm melodies and harmonies. Those melodies tell a tale of endings: “The lights still glow, but we’re fading, fading, fading from this show. Let’s wrap it up and get away from here,” she sings. Time to go then – and listen to this one again.

Malka has also written a piece (here) about the importance of radio and particularly the BBC in supporting independent artists, which we fully agree with. Aunty Beeb is worth the licence fee for its radio shows alone, and that's even before we talk about its TV and internet content. The musical world would be a lot poorer if it wasn't for the likes of BBC Introducing, Radio 1's evening shows and BBC 6 Music. Of course we also hope that blogs like this, in their own small way, help provide some sort of musical filter in a world over saturated with tunes, but the BBC'S importance must never be under estimated.

Malka - Wrap It Up

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Richard McKay said...

Does it for me! Tamara Schlesinger has the knack of sounding chirpy even about sad subjects :-)