Wednesday 8 October 2014

The Night VI - Heroine

We’ve featured an awful lot of The Night VI on this blog, not that there’s anything awful about them of course. 

We’re not the only site to do so either. The band has found much favour with parts of the blogosphere, which we find a little surprising, not because their music isn’t to be treasured and celebrated, but because The Night VI’s songs seem rather grown-up and adult, more likely to be played by Simon Mayo on Radio 2 than any youth orientated station and generally new music blogs tend to gear themselves towards ‘da yoof’. But then these days with Fleetwood Mac finding themselves saluted by all ages it seems that it’s perfectly acceptable to enjoy records your mum and dad would like and vice versa.

So here’s a new tune from The Night VI, taken from their forthcoming EP called DIY released through Duly Noted, which will be released as a physical 5 track CD only, initially just available at live shows. It’s called Heroine, and sits comfortably alongside their other work, characterised by lead singer Sophie’s irresistible vocal to the band’s warmly crafted mid-tempo instrumentation. With a melody and chorus that wafts gently across the ears it’s another one to please lovers of music everywhere, irrespective of their age.

The Night VI play a headline show at Madame JoJo's in London on the 18th November, supported by another Breaking More Waves favourite Robyn Sherwell.

The Night VI - Heroine

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