Wednesday 15 October 2014

Jennifer Davies - New Waves

Liverpool’s Jennifer Davies describes her music as ‘Imaginative, British, kick-ass pop,’ and we certainly wouldn’t disagree with that description. Her debut free to download EP Lapse Of Time is an energetic collection of fist pumping tunes with big shout-a-long choruses. Imagine the sound of Charli XCX’s older sister who spent her time listening to Republica, Garbage and Kim Wilde in her youth and that’s what you get here.

In these days when it seems that 95% of potential pop stars are singing with the sort of sighing lethargy over ‘sexy’ R ‘n’ B beats and electronica that FKA Twigs has already won at, Jennifer’s music stands out like someone inserting a lit firework up your backside. Oh that’s a bit more than kick-ass isn’t it? That’s flaming ass pop. Like the Flaming Lips only in the nether regions and poppier.

A quick bit of Google detective work shows that Jennifer has previously been part of a number of projects including Soft Toy Emergency who picked up some national exposure and played a number of major festivals (we vaguely recall looking at their Myspace page once). Now however Jennifer’s doing her own thing and if it’s possible to mosh to pop then Jennifer has created the soundtrack to do it to.

Watch the video to Lapse of Time below (which bears similarities to Madonna and Kylie's past work) and listen to Choke (a song about suffocating in a relationship) via Soundcloud. Alternatively stream the whole EP from here.

Jennifer Davies - Choke

Jennifer Davies - Lapse Of Time (Video)

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