Saturday 11 October 2014

Marina & The Diamonds - Froot

Virtually 6 years ago (on the 15 October 2008 to be exact) we introduced as a ‘New Wave’ a certain Marina & The Diamonds and talked of her as being "someone who has serious potential," on the back of 1 demo CD and some songs on her Myspace (remember that?). Two albums in and with a third on the horizon Marina has had a fair amount of positive critical appraisal, as well as commercial success, having scored a number 5 and number 1 album in the UK and 4 top 40 singles. Yet the big all over the radio top 10 banger (should she want it) has eluded her.

New song Froot, released yesterday on Marina’s birthday probably won’t change that, it sounds more like a taster track than a massive hit. However, this Vitamin C packed electronic discopop tune certainly has some juice, albeit juice that has to be swallowed and allowed to flow around the body a little before it becomes fully appreciated. If you want a reference point we’d suggest Iamamwhoami or Goldfrapp in so far as it’s part of the school of subtle electropop. 

Our favourite part is when Marina sings  “I’m your carnal flower, I’m your bloody rose, pick my petals off and make my heart explode.” That’s quite a lot more than juicy. What all this means in terms of the new album’s direction is of course still questionable – will it ripen to be all Marina on the dancefloor and dodgy food references or something else entirely? Only time will tell.

Marina & The Diamonds - Froot

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