Tuesday 14 October 2014

Laura Doggett - Phoenix (Acoustic Version Video)

“It seems pretty incredible to our minds that Laura Doggett isn’t already a household name.” Those were our words on the blog back in December last year and we'll probably continue to repeat them until she is, or at least until her voice and songs get the recognition they deserve. Laura is still is a long way from full public recognition of her talents, but since the release of Phoenix in July this year there’s certainly been a gurgle of interest as people begin to hear her powerful emotive voice. Some dates supporting Jon Newman together with another big lunged singer and Breaking More Waves favourite Jetta will do no harm either. 

Having already streamed the song via Soundcloud and featured the official video on the blog, today we’re giving Phoenix its third airing on these pages via this stripped back version of the song. It’s titled acoustic, which is a bit odd given that there is electronic kit used, but still we’ll forgive Laura because the quality is all that really matters, not labels. Press play, immerse yourself in it and if you aren’t moved / impressed / stunned then go and stand in the corner with your musical dunces hat on. 

Laura will be playing 2 shows at the beautiful Chapel in the House of St Barnabas, London on the 19th November. If you get the opportunity grab a ticket because the combination of the venue and Laura Doggett will be a real treat.

Laura Doggett - Phoenix 'Acoustic' Version Video

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