Thursday 28 February 2019

New Music: Feet - English Weather

Feet are a band that has mastered the art of using double denim to levitate in. For those who like to label music and put it in boxes, they’re an indie guitar group, but scratch below the surface a bit and you can hear all sorts of influences from punk to psychedelia to funk to baggy to Brit Pop; in fact their live shows remind me a little of the fledgling Blur when they were playing 200 capacity club shows – confusing, chaotic, a bit shambolic, but having a certain sense of fun and perhaps the idea that if they can refine what they do they might just develop into something more than they are right now. Or on the other hand they might just fizzle away and die out in a year. They’re a band who have songs about dog walking, shoplifting and this one - English Weather - with its tales of ‘warm nights and cold sandwiches, bowling green chatter as the lemon slice vanishes,’ and a chorus which reminds you to pack an umbrella. 

My favourite comment on this song on You Tube is: “Officially have a foot fetish.” If you’ve come across this video on other websites you might see them reporting that it was filmed in Portsmouth. This struck me as strange as I didn’t recognise much of it as being the place where I live. It seems however, that in reality it was filmed in a holiday park a few miles away from there – but as we know when it comes to music everything seems to have to be located to a city. I’ve seen bands from the likes of Luton and Guildford claim they are from London and bands from Chichester say they’re from Brighton. Maybe they were all too busy writing songs at school to pay attention to geography? 

Feet - English Weather

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