Thursday 28 February 2019

New Music: Emily Burns - Too Cool

“You’re so sweet like twelve ice creams, it kind of makes me sick,” sings Breaking More Waves favourite and regular Emily Burns on her brand new track Too Cool. This one, a peppy number about the perfect girlfriend who is just too nice once again demonstrates Emily’s ability to sneak in a 100% ear-popping chorus without you even realising it. 

The video amplifies the message even further, for here we get Emily pouring water over her completely unphased partner, blowing over her playing card castle and generally being a pest, with her opposite half just smiling her way through the whole thing. 

You would think we all just want people we interact with to be nice wouldn’t you? After all it’s better than being horrid, but just like music, sometimes ‘nice’ just doesn’t feel real enough. 

After last year's excellent pop on mini album Seven Scenes from the Same Summer and the track she made with Studio Black, Friends Don't Kiss Friends, which has picked up 6 million streams on Spotify alone, Emily Burns shows no sign of slowing down with the hooks. 

Emily Burns - Too Cool

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