Tuesday 5 February 2019

Introducing: deep tan

Whilst I’m not particularly a grammar pedant or vocabulary fascist (anyone reading the catalogue of errors that is this blog should be able to tell this) one thing that does get my back up a little is the growing fashion for not using capital letters where capital letters should be used. I blame the iPhone and eBay for this. 

Now the disease has spread to bands. So, when I first came across new London group deep tan I almost passed them by simply because of their refusal to use a capital D and T. Harsh I know, but you have to use some sort of filter to keep things manageable when there's so much music out there.

This would have been a shame, because deep tan's debut single air is rather good. A neat yet uneasy mix of French Pop, gothy drums and darker atmospherics that subtly hint at the likes of mid 80’s Tears For Fears dancing in the shadows with Editors, White Lies, Warpaint and Interpol, it’s an excellent start. There's even a touch of The XX's early minimalism in there. And unlike the normal method of releasing straight to Spotify, Apple Music and You Tube deep tan keep it old school and have just thrown the track up on Soundcloud. Their Facebook tells us that they make ‘soothing grooves earth shattering moves’ and that they’ve been playing a number of gigs in and around London, which for now is enough to know. Get acquainted with the song as we keep an eye and ear out for more from this promising bunch.

deep tan - air

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Lost In Caravaggio said...

Love this. cant beat a good breakdown