Monday 25 February 2019

Introducing: BASH!

Yesterday I introduced you to one new south-coast based band, now here’s another. Southampton’s Bash! are purveyors of instantly likeable indie joy-pop. If I had to write a recipe for their music, I’d take a slice of Paramore’s Hard Times and a good sprinkling of anything by Fickle Friends and mix it all round at speed in a big day-glow coloured bowl with some lemonade. 

Bash! make the sort of music that I often describe as 'pop music for the sort of person that doesn’t normally like pop music'. Their Facebook bio makes things much more straightforward though: “They do pop,” it explains. Maybe they should add the word good into that.

Bash! encapsulate feelings of fun and energy in their songs, but they also seem like the sort of band that could deliver it well in your local indie club – in fact the couple of small video clips I’ve seen of the band playing live seem to confirm this, with one person describing them in a tweet them as ‘a revelation’ and another as ‘a must see’. 

The band’s Facebook also tells us that their interests include Dungeons and Dragons, Sweet Treats, Minecraft, Denim and most importantly Lego, from which the video for their effervescent single Wild has been created. It’s a deliriously upbeat tune that really deserves to be blasting out across radio stations across the country. Take a listen and view below.

Bash! isn’t just some silly exercise in comic book power punch terminology either; the lead singer of this five-piece is called Amanda Bashmakova; assuming of course that is her real name. But let’s not worry about monikers, just enjoy the music, which is guaranteed to brighten your day.

BASH! - Wild

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