Wednesday 23 May 2018

New Music: Saint Sister - Twin Peaks

I’ve never featured Saint Sister on the blog before, which is a real shame as the Irish duo have produced some exquisite tunes. Latest offering Twin Peaks is no exception – a spacious and silky song that will touch you with its soft tenderness.  

I really love the sentiment of it as well. Twin Peaks was written for a friend who was going through a bad time and the song is about the idea of just blocking out the world for a while and doing all the things that you enjoy doing together. Friends can be important for being a shoulder to cry on and talking through things, but sometimes what is required when things aren’t so good is just to be bloody self-indulgent and find some happiness again. Friends can be really good at helping with that.

Saint Sister will be releasing their debut album called Shape of Silence later this year and will be taking in a tour of America and Europe to promote it in the winter.

Saint Sister - Twin Peaks

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