Wednesday 30 May 2018

New Music: Introducing - Jevon

You know all those end of year prediction / ones to watch / tips for 2019 lists? Well, based on his new track Redemption, it really wouldn’t surprise me if we see the name Jevon crop up on some of them. In fact Pitchfork has already said pretty much the same thing about the man. So whilst Pitchfork and Breaking More Waves are pretty much at opposite ends of the spectrum in many ways, the fact that a tinpot amateur DIY hobby blog and arguably the biggest music website in the world have come to the same conclusion probably says something.

As a producer on last year’s New Gen album Jevon is now flying high and solo. Throwing in a children’s choir, an organ sample, some jazzy piano and high speed rap that finds Jevon describing himself as ‘The chosen one, like Mary and Joseph’s son’ this smacks of absolute confidence. It’s like Kanye before Kanye become well… a bit rubbish really. “Imagine what my album’s like,” he raps, and I already am. You will be as well, unless that is it's near lunchtime and you are thinking more about what you're going to fill your stomach with. Maybe if you are in the UK and at work it's time for a trip to Tesco?  

London’s most exciting new rap artist for sure and way better than a Tesco £3 meal deal

“I wanted to make something that felt epic, like the bad guy in the movie you thought was dead but returns in the sequel,” Jevon explains. Listen to Redemption and you’ll hear what he means.

Jevon - Redemption

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