Friday 4 May 2018

New Music: Grace Carter - Saving Grace

One of the exciting things about pop music is that nobody can predict the future – even though some music industry people think they can. Mind you, that doesn’t stop bloggers, music websites and magazines having a go every year, normally around late November / December time when we all start producing our Ones to Watch / Sound of lists for the year ahead. 

To prove how unpredictable the nature of music crystal ball gazing is, amongst the 10 artists I named as Ones to Watch for 2018 was the band Pink Kink. This week, after just two singles and a whole bunch of reviewers salivating at their live shows, they split up. They are no more. And they're undoubtedly not Ones to Watch any more. Ooops. I want my money back on that crystal ball.

Of the other acts I named on the list the likes of Superorganism, Pale Waves, Confidence Man, Jade Bird and a certain Norwegian pop singer named Sigrid seem to be doing great guns though. One other that I’d put into the doing the good stuff category is an artist that perhaps surprisingly wasn’t on many tip lists aside from mine – perhaps because as of last November she’s only released one song – and her name is Grace Carter

Now with Silhouette, Ashes and Silence all under her belt Grace brings another cocktail of emotion in the form of a song to the world. The title might seem a little odd given her name, but Saving Grace is another smoky soul pop winner: “You told me not to hold hands with the devil, you warned me that I’d lose my faith, I never thought I’d leave my heaven but now I know you’re my saving grace,” she sings in a chorus that knows exactly how to bury itself in your brain. Every song she’s released so far seems to come from the heart and brings emotion and melody together absolutely perfectly. Keep watching her. Keep listening.

Grace Carter - Saving Grace

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