Wednesday, 16 May 2018

New Music: G Flip - Killing My Time

If you follow Breaking More Waves on Twitter, beware, because for the next few days there will be lots of tweets coming from The Great Escape Festival in Brighton. And as I am rushing round the streets of one of the UK’s finest seaside cities, catching as many live acts as possible, one name that is right at the top of my list to see is Georgia Flipo, who goes by the name of G Flip; I introduced her on the blog just last month as Australia’s answer to Phil Collins. 

That doesn’t mean to say that Georgia is a short bald man with a bad back who went from being a child actor to member of Genesis to one of the most successful songwriters of the 80s pop music era. But she can sing and drum and singing drummers are a pretty rare thing, plus she did used to be in a band (Empra) before she went solo so the comparison with Collins is valid in my opinion.  

The initial excitement for G Flip came from just one song. About You has been on constant rotation at Breaking More Waves HQ from the first day I heard it. From the weird droning sound that underpins the track, to its inherent can’t-get-you-out-of-my-head catchy simplicity, to Geogia’s pristine vocal delivery, G Flip struck pop gold on first attempt. 

But guess what? She’s done it again with song 2. No, not with a cover of Blur’s Song 2, but her own new song Killing My Time. With this one G Flip demonstrates that the art of writing a great pop song isn’t just about a catchy chorus – it’s about making the whole bloody thing an earworm to the point where you begin to wonder which part of the song is really the chorus at all. You might as well stop what you’re doing now because you’re going to get drawn away anyway once you press play. And this song is all about distraction, although in G Flip's case it’s not music that is doing the distracting: “Don’t distract me with your body, put your clothes back on, I know where this is going,” she sings. Well. That’s certainly one way of making someone lose focus on what they thought they were going to be doing.

G Flip plays 2 shows at this year’s Great Escape (the chances are that I’ll be at both) and she also supports Pale Waves in London later this month. Killing My Time is released to streaming services today.

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G Flip - Killing My Time

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